Opportunities Knocking your Door


When you even not expect it , may be it’s around you and waiting to be catch by you. It’s Opportunity. Some of us have so many myths, because of that they are not able to identify correct option near them. I have found such people who neglects it and flowing in their still awaiting success. Sometime good things come in small packets , so average and dump people ignored that packets and waited for large one. I observed they cursed their destiny as well as god. In such a way they forgot how much effort done by them for their target ? Is it enough for what they expect from their destiny ? And finally they surrounded by dissatisfaction , sorrow etc. 
Identify your caliber :- Every one can’t be genius in specific fields. So you need to find your interest before moving further. Take expert suggestions, meet knowledgeable person to refine your decisions. Not think always from heart , be practical because it’s universal fact less or more you will need money at every step of your life. But with money give value to job satisfaction , work environment as well. It will make you happier and you will not only enjoy your holidays as well as your work days.

Passionate :- Willingness to get something or reaching on a high state is not only enough you need to step forward towards it and do something which can take you there. Although it’s always easy to flow into the crowed but make you upset on a road alone. If you don’t want to be get upset be passionate whatever you are doing.

Plan :- The most important step , you will get nothing if things were not in planned way. Your steps could be small but your target should be large. In that manner you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Execute :- Whenever you step forward to execute always have some thought of three cases best ,average and worst. And the most important what will be the next steps for given respective cases. It’s always a nice thought to prepare with the worst case results so that you never be distorted.

Life never get distracted with little or large failure , who knows something big is waiting for you. During this might you got in darkness but never stop your steps. If you will going to move further even with a little or may be no hope then at some point you realized that it was the better approach rather than wait for your dream opportunity

Being in My Life Journey


Whenever I being on journey , it takes me in sea of life long memories which have valuable learning on my every step. I always be there with some special people of my life , like I met in train being with me for some time and go far away from my life. We walked together for some instances of life. I want to be there in same journey but some time situations take me out from that journey and some time my dear ones changed train for their further journey. I had lot of learning and finally feel no one stays with you life long. And many times you can’t be stayed in some ones life for long time. I feel great whenever I move further in my life. My journey is the map of my future and therefore I should trust my soul to reach my destiny. I already moved towards my career startup. There is going to be suffering when I travel on my journey. I faced a darkness that is lonely , intense and very painful at times. And I decided to go through the darkness , it takes me where I need to go but more importantly it teaches me lessons of kindness , compassions, strength and it helps a lot me to find me at right time. It teaches me happiness from within myself and learnt to share that happiness with others. And finally generated a moral for me , for my life that ” The more love you give away along your journey, the more love you will have in your life “.

I came to know many facts during this stage. I realized that it’s easy to hurt someone but hard to convince. It’s easy to show tears but hard to hide sorrow in heart. May be I became cause for someone tears knowingly or unknowingly. May be I hurts many special or closed ones by my ignored nature. But I moved further with the increasing number of haters in this journey. I was being able to recollect those relations but I choose to move further regardless it was affecting a lot to those who was expecting more from me. I out from there choose to be alone so I can make myself more tough rather than reaching on a judgement over the relations. For me it’s not always to take decisions but I took. I tried to justifying me that I step forward those decisions , was correct and not hurt a lot.

Making of Documentary ” engr’s “


After many unsuccessful ideas about doing something different , which not been converted in reality. It’s time to change our willing in actuality. Haider Ali, a guy with smart look , intelligent in studies , good in singing have initial ideas of making a very short running moments of college days, which can be remembered by all faculties , juniors and already leaved our seniors. A great work required always a good team to conceptualize the things in reality. Our college not have so many studious guys. But every person have their talent in their specific domain. Mr. Ali started initial communication with guys to achieve that target.Within 2-3 days , he was prepared with his team to work on the documentary. And I am too there with his team. It’s nice experience over all work on a short movie. Initially we have planned for our college audience. We had our first official meeting on 15 February , 2012 in Nehru garden, Jodhpur. And the discussion on script/ story started. We had planned that it should be in limit of only 10 – 15 minutes.
During college days Aaftab Hussain running a small tution center , after words which becomes ” Udan Classes “. We choose that place as our studio and meeting spot. Side by side we have our concentration on music too , and had planned for two songs release. Mr. Ali had knowledge of music too much , but he never accepted it and said he only knows 10% music of which actually required. Navneet Dhanjal , simple personality , had low energy , little talking guy had great talent in creation of sound clips , which we had used in our promotional trailer of movie. Every week, we had shooting as per our plans and places.

With a moto of entertainment , we was planning of some type of serious social message on engineering. Which we already decided it should be on such serious problem that it can go through every heart deeply. And finally we decided to explore the problem of unemployment , specifically in engineering field. It seems like a small child , we have no idea when it’s become a teenage guy. Things are always not so easy to do. We had such problems too from starting to last. Camera, sounds, editing , places for shoot was only such initial things. Our college also denied to permit us shooting in campus. We had only eight active members , and hundreds of supporters. Marketing of this short movie was required too. When we was on the 60% completion of movie. We released a trailer of movie and marketed it a lot Facebook, twitter, you tube , via website & many more ways. Our Facebook page likes increasing day by day very speedily. Surprisingly first trailer of movie gone a big hit. We never hoped such a nice response. After that response now we was thinking of releasing it on city level in a multiplex for a day. But it still too far to reach at end. The main problem was , we have to complete it before ending of our semester because it’s our last semester of engineering. And some of us planning to go out after completion of engineering including me.

Aaftab and Ravindra both was working on the editing of shooting clips which was so important in terms of, it should be as small as possible. And it’s already became near around 30 mins long. After it , A new thought came into discussion that it’s was becoming boring min per min. And off course audience would be youngsters maximally. We came on love story, suspense , horror and some other few ideas. And finally bonded whole story in a horror and generic sequences. All agreed too on the same thought which came after a lot discussion. And lastly we shoot it too in our studio. I was in Noida that time so not actually seen how it prepared but all guys did it so well.

We all haven’t thought a big problem will occur at the time of release. When we reached to completion of movie. We had problems of sounds in movie. We look over many studios for recording of voice in it. Just before releasing of movie we tried a lot for completion of sound recording. Finally all gone in vain. We decided to skip the release on 26 may 2012. At the end of day, each one of us have little tears cause of postponed release. And this time decided to take time for uncompleted things but sure about a big bang on next release date.

I was not there with the team after that but they did it with very well manner. And that release date come for which we are waiting since 6 months. Engr’s – something more about engineers has released in Nasrani Bioscope , Jodhpur on the date of 9 September 2012. We were watched that movie millions time earlier but we were there to see audience’s expressions on each scene of it.

There were sound of clapping in picture hall and we all were there to enjoy that awaiting moment.

Begging in India : reality and facts


When we come to the points like human resource, Man power , biggest youth and talent then India have big scope in compare to other countries. Even after lot of opportunities increasing day by day. Or may be I am wrong about that fact.
Now a days beggars are more smarter than donors. Many new ways are generated which was not begging in first view and it’s just matter of fact that how they can hares you emotionally & making money. All such things start where people start neglecting beggars, then in such manner they have to find out some other ways.

I remember one incident with me in Noida, when I returned to my room after dinner then near Noida city center a person called me , who wants to say something. It seems a whole family, a couple with their child. He told me that they were misguided by a person who promises them to give work but after coming from their city he refuses. And now they don’t have money to return or to survive. A nicely bundled story which can be believed by anyone. Now they want some financial help. As human being I have lot of thoughts around me. During my thoughts , they still continued to told me that for sake of child who not taken a byte in whole day. Finally I melt down on last words and give them some money for their child food. After some days when I returning home then again I found same situation this time I not listened up and walked away. On the same way I surprised to see the same family trying to get money from a person. It looks like they have a big gang, with planned strategy who looking for their target likes me working professionals returning from their work.

One more incident I remembered from my childhood on Ajmer railway station. My parents was waiting for train on station. And I was surprised to see a lady in very well dressed with her child also well dressed , started begging instantly. All people supposed to them as normal passenger before begging. I not mean about dressing of beggars. But In India begging already became a big business.

” Child Labour ” I run away from it , Everyone not lucky as me


In 1992 , Ajay pundit joined BHU (Banaras Hindu University) for his graduation. New environment & new friends was there. He was trying to connect with everyone & then met with Raghav verma, who is from baliya (near UP – Bihar border). There is nice tuning in between them.

Raghav have some dark marks on his both hands which looks like as he suffers from any disease. When ajay asks to him then he told the actual story behind these marks on his hands. And story was : –

When I was in sixth standard , around 12 year old then terrible incident happened with my family. In an journey from train there was my father with my uncle (mother’s brother). At that time my uncle is in police department. And they always keep service revolver with them. At that time, there was terror of bandits at UP – Bihar border areas. Suddenly when they both were travelling , there was an attack of four bandits with lots of firing. My uncle was fought with their service revolver. In this two sided firing , one bandit dead by their revolver and all other run away. They think it ends here but there were bunch of problems was coming towards our family.

May be bandits take out address from railway reservation authorities or by any other way. But this time in large number bandits attacked on our house for the revenge of ” train firing death”. There was no one other than me and my mother at home. After a lot firing , they took me with them and sold me on a “sardar’s daba”. I don’t know where it was, may be Delhi – haryana border. And a big hard time started for me. On back side of sardar’s daba , there was a place surrounded by high walls in open sky with big mount of vessels and water drum. It starts morning around 5 am , no watch was there just a guess. And ends in late night around 1 am of next day. I was washing vessels around 18 hour every day. It might be continued until last breath of my life, if death of Indira Gandhi not happened that time.

“The violence in Delhi was triggered by the assassination of Indira Gandhi, India’s prime minister, on 31 October 1984, by two of her Sikh bodyguards in response to her actions authorising the military operation. The Indian government reported 2,700 deaths in the ensuing chaos. In the aftermath of the riots, the Indian government reported 20,000 had fled the city, however the People’s Union for Civil Liberties reported “at least” 1,000 displaced persons. The most affected regions were the Sikh neighbourhoods in Delhi. Human rights organisations and newspapers across India believe the massacre was organised. The collusion of political officials in the massacres and the Judiciary’s failure to penalise the killers alienated normal Sikhs and increased support for the Khalistan movement.The Akal Takht, the governing religious body of Sikhism, considers the killings to be a genocide.”

It was start of November,  a huge rush come & destroyed sardar’s  daba. He with his servants ran away. It was good time for me to react. And I run away from it , everyone not lucky as me to came again from hell. After some time there was police and they took me with them. I told them about my uncle who was in police and finally by their efforts , I was with my family in some days. They were considered that I had died. It was my new born. I just could pray that it will never happen with even my enemies.

I had been hospitalized for more than two months. But after a lot treatment , these dark marks on my hands not gone which cause during washing vessels and soap & water affects too badly that even after eight year , it’s still on my hands. And with a very bad impact on my mind , it will threaten me whole life.

“Curse Of Death” on Final Year Students


5 December 2011

Session 2011-12 , when I was in final year of my engineering. That day we had our final exam of 7th semester. Every one was happy with this moment that without studying too much we did end this semester too. We had our examination center in VJIT, Jodhpur.

At 9 Am, our exam started, and we all are busy in filling up of our answer-sheet with lots of non sensible data. After 15 min i noticed that one of my close friend, Anil fulwariya who sits before fourth sheet from me, was not there. I am surprised not to see him there. I was supposed that, he might be sick cause of cold. These days had winter season with lot of cold diseases. We have a big group of friends around 7-8 classmates. He was one of them, most craziest person between us. I always surprised with his knowledge in internet hacking. He usually comes to college from Rohat ( 40 km from jodhpur ) near pali. But that exam center is nearer to his home place. He used to come there via his bike. And that day, he was coming to exam center too but not reached there.

When our exam finished and we all are out from examination room , I found sudden sorrow and tears in some of my close friends cause of we just lost our beloved friend Anil fulwariya in a road bike accident when he was coming to center on motorbike. We had information from our faculty that currently his body in MDM hospital, jodhpur. But family members of Anil, took his body to rohat. And we planned to go directly rohat , to be with him in his last journey. I can’t express the feelings in some “English words”. But I have the feelings like ‘what is meaning of such life, that one day we left our dear ones in tears’. “Is there any GOD , who cares about us. We reached there finally but with not ” ride on the bikes” , in bus (from jodhpur to rohat).

In my life , I have seen dead body first time and fall down with my anger to GOD in thoughts. How GOD can do this with just 20 year old guy. Around 18-20 classmates was there in last journey of our beloved friend. And finally it burns with lots of tears and cries. It’s 6 pm in the evening, with dim light & silence all around in the way to return Anil’s home. Lastly we all returned to our houses safely with sad & arrogant moods.
We were studying in Marwar Engineering college & Research center, Jodhpur at that time. And from my first year sessions, I noticed that every year from final year of engineering there are deaths of students. Initially there were thoughts that it may be coincident. But after lost of our friend , in next season of final year I found a news of death from last junior batch. There were so many such thoughts that deaths are universal incident so it can’t be connect as superstition on final year engineering students of college. As I interact with most favorable teacher among students “Naresh dudi” , their words were too same on this matter of fact. He seen here almost every final batch of this college & felt same. If it is a special curse of death on students then surly I am thankful to God that I’m out of it now. But our friend fall in this too badly.
May be I am superstitious but it’s a fact that making of infra building are affecting low society in many ways everywhere in each city. Or may be many different reasons which only known by their owners. Now, I just can pray to God that series of death would stop from 2013- 14 final year batch in MECRC, Jodhpur.